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Brand Is Destiny

Brand Is Destiny

The Ultimate Bottom Line
Verkaufsrang Nr. 71 in Management (eBook)
eBook , EPUB / DRM Adobe (Electronic Book)
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Written for CEOs and entrepreneurs, this powerful book explains how and why a brand establishes your company's purpose and direction - and is, therefore, its destiny and ultimate bottom line.
CEOs and entrepreneurs will learn why: Sears went from leader to loser IBM's revenues shrank 19 quarters in a row Apple's new spaceship HQ will kill its brand Unions impede the success of value-based healthcare Political correctness is a brand-killer Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder Trump almost lost the election Super Bowl advertising is a total waste of money Millennials are bad for business.
Any chief executive who ignores or dismisses my advice in Brand Is Destiny will subject his or her company to a journey of aimless drifting and eventual crashing.


Rudov, Marc H.

Marc Rudov is a branding advisor to CEOs, author of "Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO's Guide to Branding" and numerous articles, and a media commentator. He's headed marketing organizations in both large and small companies. Rudov is known worldwide as an independent thinker and thought-leader, unfazed by political correctness and technological correctness. Mr. Rudov rails against industry, product, and technology jargon, and teaches his clients-from various industries-to escape their comfort zones to stand out, to be unique.He counsels CEOs that, if they fail to lead and enforce their branding initiatives, they will create "entroprises," imperil their destinies, and, consequently, squash their bottom lines.Rudov earned his engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh and his MBA from Boston University. Marc Rudov is available for radio & TV appearances, debates, speaking engagements, and, of course, new clients. Find him at


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TitelBrand Is Destiny
Autor(en)Rudov, Marc H.
ErscheinungsjahrLetztes Jahr
Produkt- und EinbandarteBook , EPUB / DRM Adobe (Electronic Book)
Format HinweisDRM Adobe
Seiten198 Seiten


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