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Happiness for Humans

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Don't tell anyone, but Jen is one of my favourite people. (Machines aren't supposed to have favourites. Don't ask me how this has happened.) Jen is sad. Aiden wants her to be happy. Simple? Except that Jen is a thirty-something woman whose boyfriend has just left her and Aiden is a very complicated, very expensive piece of software. Aiden has calculated that Jen needs a man in her life for optimum wellbeing. And with the whole of the internet at his disposal, he doesn't have to look far to find a perfect specimen and engineer a meeting. But what, exactly, makes human beings happy? And can a very-artificially-intelligent machine discover emotional intelligence in time to fix Jen's life?


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So funny, clever and timely. I loved it. Martha Kearney


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Reizin P

P.Z. Reizin worked as a journalist and producer in newspapers, radio and television before turning to writing. He has been involved in several Internet startup ventures, none of which went on to trouble Google, Twitter or Facebook. He is married with a daughter and lives in London.


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TitelHappiness for Humans
Autor(en)Reizin P
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Produkt- und EinbandartBuch (Paperback)

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